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The rug I purchased in Albuquerque was destroyed by my dog. I had no idea he was chewing on the edges until it was too late. I did a search and found that Executive Rug Cleaning in Enid does repair work on these types of rugs. What a beautiful job it is!! I cannot even tell where the damage was done!!

Sarah - Edmond, OK

My house recently flooded due to a washing machine hose line break. When I arrived back home, my entire house was covered with water. The living room rug's colors bled, and I just knew it was ruined. Luckily, our insurance agent knew that Executive Rug Cleaning could restore rugs that have been in a situation like mine. He was right! My rug looks good as new with no signs of it ever have been in water. Thanks guys!!

Dot - Tulsa, OK

I have to say I was very impressed by the professionalism of the technicians at Executive Rug Cleaning. When they came to my house to pick up several rugs, they explained the process, gave a quote, and set up a date to deliver it back. My rugs look fantastic!! I highly recommend using their services.

Jean - Edmond

I thought my cat had ruined my rug! Not only did he use it as a litter box, but he also frayed a small section of the fringe. I called Executive Rug Cleaning and they assured me they could take care of the problems. When I received my rug back, it smell fresh, felt soft, and they even repaired the fringe! Thank you!!

Rebecca - Ponca City

I inherited a large rug that used to belong to my great grandma. I was afraid of having it cleaned since it was so old. After speaking with the staff and learning that they have experience in dealing with older rugs, I was comfortable with leaving it. The end results were wonderful!!

Ellen - Lamont

I dropped off my rug at Executive Rug Cleaning and got a call a few days later saying it was already ready. What fast, efficient service. My rug is so much more fluffy than I remembered it being.

Jerry - Enid

Thank you Executive for cleaning my mom's rug after she had fallen. I didn't think the blood would come out. Mom was so happy when she saw how clean the rug was!

Caleb - Ponca City

Rug Repair

Rug Repair

Your rug is considered one of the decorative commodities in your home. Having a rug comes with a responsibility too. Being placed on the floor, heavy traffic along with soil and stains, will come into contact with this beautiful piece. Cleaning it on a

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal

The last thing you want on your valuable Oriental rug is pet urine. These odors can become very unpleasant and can be devastating to say the least. The longer the urine deposit sits in the rug the more damage can occur. Pet odor removal

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Executive Rug Cleaning hand washes all rugs that you bring to our 6,000 square foot cleaning facility. Oriental rugs as well as all fine textiles are our passion! We realize the weavers from all over the Middle East took pride in their work. These are



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