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Area rugs are becoming increasingly popular since wood and tile flooring are the top choices today. Decorating and warming the atmosphere with these rugs can provide a home with exceptional style and elegance. Cleaning them on a regular basis keeps your home looking fresh and clean. Knowing how to clean them is key.

There is a misconception about dry cleaning. Most manufacturers label their area rugs as "dry clean only" for protection over their company. 

This labeling simply means that there could possibly be dye bleeds or color runs. Executive Rug Cleaning is educated on how to clean and treat all types of rugs. Our staff is knowledgeable in the areas of material types, rug construction, bleeding, and fibers.

It is extremely important to do an initial inspection of the area rugs before the cleaning process begins. Our technicians will use a dye blocking solution if the color on the rug tends to bleed or transfer. If an uneducated or inexperienced cleaner treats your rug, it could end up a disaster.

Executive Rug Cleaning is continuously living its commitment and dedication to render nothing but the utmost quality service and care to all types of area carpets or rugs. As a company we can guarantee you that we are constantly updating our methods and equipment to ensure your area rugs will go unharmed while in our care.

Executive Rug Cleaning is educated in all aspects of area rug cleaning. If dry cleaning is necessary, we can inform you of the process at the time of inspection. More than likely, the rug can be cleaned in our river simulated wash tub. We have invested money in time-saving equipment so that you will not have to go without your treasured piece for very long.

Rug Repair

Rug Repair

Your rug is considered one of the decorative commodities in your home. Having a rug comes with a responsibility too. Being placed on the floor, heavy traffic along with soil and stains, will come into contact with this beautiful piece. Cleaning it on a

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal

The last thing you want on your valuable Oriental rug is pet urine. These odors can become very unpleasant and can be devastating to say the least. The longer the urine deposit sits in the rug the more damage can occur. Pet odor removal

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Executive Rug Cleaning hand washes all rugs that you bring to our 6,000 square foot cleaning facility. Oriental rugs as well as all fine textiles are our passion! We realize the weavers from all over the Middle East took pride in their work. These are


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